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Everyone loves to travel and take a break from it all.

OrnamentsAndMore.com provides a great array of ornaments to commemorate trips or vacations taken throughout the year. Remember the first time you went to New York and took to the ferry to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty?

You’ll remember the experience the rest of your life, but why not share this fantastic trip with others by personalizing our “New York Scene” ornament with a special memory. Spring Break signals freedom for most college students. Who doesn’t have a great story or memory from a trip whether to a local beach or Jamaica?

Our “Spring Break Oasis” personalized Christmas ornament may be just the reminder your college student needs to help them get through the winter’s cold weather.

Whether riding on a plane or taking a cruise for the first time, everyone feels more relaxed when they think back to their exciting journeys. All ornaments will be hand-personalized by an experienced writer.


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