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We have designed this section especially for our Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts and Uncles and of course Parents who love to shop for personalized Christmas ornaments each season to commemorate the special interests of a young child.

Young children often become immersed in new activities and can even take on a new personality. Was your little one a Racecar driver? Or a Princess? How about a Train Conductor or a Drama Queen? Weve all experience the dynamic and ever changing personalities of young children.

OrnamentsAndMore.com offers many choices and have sub-categorized our Kids personalized ornaments section into 5 great sections: Little Boys , Little Girls, Pirate, Princess and Transportation ornaments. Elmo is always our #1 seller in the Kids personalized ornament category. Its also hard to find a little boy who hasnt been enamored with cars, trucks, or trains during some portion of his early years.

These ornaments are brightly-colored, fun and guaranteed to get double the smiles from the little guy in your life. For the older boys, video games, pirates, dinosaurs, or New Big Brother personalized Christmas ornaments are big sellers. Little girls will delight in the Big Sister ornaments too; as well as Love to read ornament, Art Project ornament and our adorable Dress up ornament.

Do you have a Little Miss Drama Queen or a Princess want-to-be on your gift list? If so, click on a sub-category entitled Princess to find a large selection of personalized ornaments that will capture the heart of the littlest of royalty in your life.

Kids personalized Christmas ornaments make great gift tag, can be used as a stocking stuffers, as a place card at a holiday dinner or an affordable gift at a gift exchange. Start personalizing today!


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