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Personalization FAQs


Q) Can I change the spelling of a name once my personalized ornament order has been placed?

A) No. We begin processing orders right away. Please be sure to check over the spellings and quantity of items ordered before submitting payment. If you have issues, please contact our customer service department at AskAnElf@gmail.com. We will do our best to work with you; however, we are not liable for any spelling or quantity errors made by the customer once an order has been submitted.

If you receive your personalized ornament and realize you have misspelled a name, please contact us at AskAnElf@gmail.com . Please be sure to include the order number, which ornament has the problem, as well as the incorrect and correct spellings. A photo of the affected ornament is required. If it’s at all possible, we will work out an arrangement to make the necessary corrections. Unfortunately, due to certain finishes and glazes, a few of our ornaments are unable to be “fixed”. Ornaments and More is not liable for a customer’s error and will not make a refund. Customers are responsible for all postage costs in connection with "fixes".

Q) How many letters can fit on a personalized ornament ?

A) With so many years of experience, we are pretty good at fitting most names and wording in designated spaces. We have given you additional personalizing ideas for many of the ornaments which will help you determine if the space will accommodate your name, sentiment or message. Please use the *SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS* box located in the final step of the check-out to make any special requests. If we cannot fit your request in the space provided, we will contact you.

Q) I would like for the personalizer to write in ALL CAPS on my personalized ornament. How do I let you know about this?

A) Please use the *SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS* box located in the final step of the check-out to make any special requests. Entering your personalization request in ALL CAPS does not mean with this use capital letters when completing your order. You MUST tell us of this request in the customer notes / special instructions box located in our check-out.

Q) What will the lettering look like on my personalized ornament ?

A) MOST of the personalized ornaments shown on our site are examples of the quality of writing you can expect from us. A select group of ornaments have received computer generated writing to give you an idea as to where the writing might look the best. Our hand written ornaments come from a team of experienced professionals. Since we have many writers on staff, we cannot guarantee that the lettering you receive will be exactly like the samples shown. We will guarantee you that it will be attractively lettered and properly centered. At the discretion of our personalizers, the location of names, sentiment and dates may vary from sample shown.


Q) Will you write on the back of the ornaments or tell the gift recipient who the item is from?

A) Unfortunately, due to the varied surfaces, we are not able to personalize the backs of the ornaments. Most of our ornaments (other than glass keepsakes) come with a gift tag so that you may add your own "personal" touch for your family and friends.


Q) Can I add a paw print or a red heart like I see on so many of your examples?

A) Yes, whenever you use a dog or cat’s name on a personalized ornament , you can add a paw print as well. As a matter of fact, you can order a family ornament with extra heads and write your pets’ names on them. For example, if you are a family of five, you can order a fireplace with seven stockings and put your dog’s name on the 6th stocking and your cat’s name on the 7th stocking, each with a paw print.


Q) Is there an extra charge for the paw print or red heart?

A) No, there is no extra charge for this personalization. Complimentary HAND PERSONALIZING is provided on each personalized Christmas ornament.


Q) I’d like to give a personalized ornament to someone special in my child’s life, but I am unsure of how to sign it, any suggestions?

A) We usually sign our ornaments given by children to teachers, grandparents, aunts, etc. with a red heart in front of the child’s name. If this is not appropriate for your child’s situation, or you would like to use a word instead of a heart, please us the *SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS* box located in the check-out area to add additional instruction for our personlizers.


Q) A friend of mine is pregnant and I would like to give her a personalized ornament , but I don’t know the gender of the child. How is this handled?

A) Some customers use “Baby-to-Be” or “?” to denote a baby on the way in a space on a family ornament or a grandparent ornament so that when they look back years later, they will see what the family complexion was in that given year.


Q) Which name should go first, the man or the woman?

A) That’s totally a personal preference. Most samples on this site have the woman’s name first and will be sent to you this way unless otherwise specified.


Q) Can I use colored lettering on my personalized ornaments ?

A) From our many years of experience, we have found that most lettering looks best when written in black ink. However, certain ink colors work fine on sports ornaments to denote a team or school color. We have found that orange, red, green, shades of blue, brown and purple look nice when written on a white shirt, white skirt, white ball or white megaphone. If you have questions regarding the use of colored ink on your personalized ornament , use the *SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS* section fo the check-out to offer additional information for our personalizers.


Q) Does a family’s last name have an apostrophe?

A) There is no apostrophe needed when writing the family name. You are writing the plural form of the name “The Andersons”, not the possessive “The Anderson’s”. If the name ends in “S” such as Jones, the correct plural form is “The Joneses”. Since this looks awkward, we suggest “The Jones Family”, but not “The Jones’s”. Names that end in “Z” look better when written “The Martinez Family” or “The Gomez Family”, not “The Gomezes”.


Q) What are your ornaments made from?

A) We carry a lot of products on our site. Most of our items are either made from resin, clay, claydough or salt dough. Many of our items are HANDMADE. Since they are not factory produced, there are variations from year to year and ornament to ornament production. For example, hat colors may change. Bows might be added to ornaments. Color variants will be used in figures; however, the overall ornament appearance should not be affected.  In recent years we have also added a large selection of Glass ornaments.  

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